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26m Fully Rigged Flagpoles for HMS Raleigh & HMS Sultan

To supply and install 26 meter bespoke glassfibre rigged poles, one at each site (Cornwall and Hampshire).

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Complexities of rigging, guys, dressing lines, extra cross tees, steps, incorporated crows nest. Specific and technical requirement for two important sites.

Our Solution

Our reputation for producing speciality flagpoles, and a previously successful working relationship with the building contractor secured us this important commission for two of the Royal Navy’s ceremonial parade grounds. We designed, manufactured and installed two imposing poles for these important sites, whilst delivering the best possible service and product advice.

36m Flagpole at Bannockburn Heritage Centre

To work alongside National Trust for Scotland and Historic Scotland to supply and install a like for like flagpole to maintain the historical signific...

Banner Poles for the Albert Hall, London

To supply and install Banner poles around the entrance to the Royal Albert Hall. Each pole was to be capped by specially designed gold crowns.

16 Stainless Steel Flagpoles gracing the Victoria Monument

Complex Design and Difficult Access for Installation - To supply 16 No. Low maintenance custom designed ornate flagpoles to hold large draped Union Fl...

23m Summit Flagpole for Duthie Park, Aberdeen

To supply and install a 23.5m summit pole for Aberdeen City Council in the revitalised 44 acre late Victorian Park in Aberdeen.