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Over 150 years
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values and experience

Harrison's have been dealing in flagpoles for over 40 years. From our origins as Steeplejacks the business developed into importing and installation of flagpoles sourced from Scandinavia and Canada in the 1970’s until we started mass manufacturing glassfibre flagpoles in 1980. We currently manufacture 15,000 flag poles a year in our UK facility, in glassfibre, aluminium and stainless steel.

Harrisons have a specialist team of flagpole designers and engineers who have extensive knowledge and experience in manufacturing custom made flagpoles and architectural masts for a wide range of projects.

Recently we’ve completed a range of high profile jobs including;

We also have a network of European flag and flagpole distributors in France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain and Holland. In the Middle East we have a consignment stock of flagpoles in Dubai and agents representing our flags and flag poles in UAE, Jordan, Saudi, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Israel. In Asia we have a flagpole distributor in Hong Kong who manages a large roll-out of replacement flagpoles for government buildings using Harrison aluminium flagpoles.

We also ship over 3000 fibreglass flagpoles to the USA retailing through Annin, America’s largest and oldest flag producer. As with the UK, all flagpoles are independently certified to withstand wind speeds of 100mph.

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