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Our Products & Services

Stainless Steel Flagpoles

Harrisons are a leading manufacturer of stainless steel flagpoles, supplying customers around the world with the highest quality tapered stainless steel poles up to 20 metres...

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Fibreglass Flagpoles

Harrison Flagpoles manufacture and supply a full range of fibreglass flagpoles made from a mixture of glassfibre matt and polyester resin. We start from scratch. Our glass...

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Rigged Flagpoles

Harrisons manufacture, supply and install fully rigged flagpoles in glassfibre from 8m up to 18m in standard sizes. Rigged poles can also be supplied with yard arm or gaff onl...

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Design, Installation and Engineering

Harrisons offer a full replacement and restoration service on flagpoles for historical buildings and churches. Sympathetic design and installation services are provided to tak...

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Aluminium Flagpoles

Harrison's aluminium flagpoles have been installed around the world, from government buildings in Hong Kong and London to banks and major office buildings in the UAE and Oman....

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Banner Poles

A widely used and effective means of permanent promotion, Harrison's Banner pole systems are seen complimenting many large museums, public buildings, retail, business and leis...

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