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Aluminium Flagpoles

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Harrison's aluminium flagpoles have been installed around the world, from government buildings in Hong Kong and London to banks and major office buildings in the UAE and Oman. Harrison Superform Aluminium Flagpoles are our standard heavy duty heat treated 6063 aluminium material flagpole with either a self colour, anodised or powder coated white finish. The superform pole is ideal for exposed locations such as castles, marinas and roof mountings on high rise buildings. All flagpoles are both seamless and conically tapered, available in heights up to 20 metres. These flagpoles are designed to be placed on any type of ground or wall bracketry, pre or post bonded. As standard all Harrison Superform flagpoles are supplied complete with galvanised steelwork including foundation bolts, finial, halyard and cleat. Optional extras include lightening protection, internal halyard and spun ground collars.

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Fixing Methods:

Harrisons offer a full design, calculation and installation service for all our superform flagpoles. As standard our aluminium flagpoles are available with; a. Hinged Baseplate to facilitate with ease the raising and lowering of individual flagpoles, irrespective of length. All metalwork is hot dipped galvanised steel including the foundation bolts. The pivoting assembly is bonded internally to the wall of the tube permitting an uninterrupted view of the flagpole at ground level. b.Roof brackets or vertical and angled wall brackets can be designed to suit any client's requirements.

Flag flying and accessories

All flagpoles are supplied with a gold onion finial, rotating saddle and fairlead and halyard. The Guardlock internal halyard system, which minimises the risk of flag theft on ground-mounted poles is available on all flagpoles. Designed to enhance flag security, the halyard runs from a lockable access door up the inside of the pole and emerges below the finial for connecting to the flag and weight External Halyard System - Consisting of an external halyard system secured to a surface mounted cleat, 1.5m from ground level. A 14 guage spun aluminium ground collar provides an attractive finish to the flagpole concealing the foundation bolts and hinged base.

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To supply and install Banner poles around the entrance to the Royal Albert Hall. Each pole was to be capped by specially designed gold crowns.

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